Welcome to Oklahoma Dance Academy

and Oklahoma Dance Co. Teams

Oklahoma Dance Academy’s goals are to provide high quality dance classes to children and adults.  Our students are encouraged to become technically proficient and at the same time build self esteem, cooperation, leadership skills AND HAVE FUN!  Our studio is designed towards students who are training for recreational purposes as well as to students training for a collegiate and professional dance career.  We also offer competition performance teams to the Tulsa community for ages 4-18 called OK Dance Co.

Oklahoma Dance Academy is committed to encouraging all dancers to strive for excellence and enjoy the journey along the way.  We believe each dancer has the ability to increase her/his physical, emotional, and intellectual well-being through our dance program.  Oklahoma Dance Academy promotes strong self-confidence, self-respect, discipline, and appreciation through the fine arts of dance.

Oklahoma Dance Academy is dedicated to our studio families to ensure you are kept well-informed of the progress of each dancer.  We believe open communication and encouragement both at home and within the dance studio will promote a stronger self-worth within each child.  We are strong believers that “Children Learn What They Live” and strive towards promoting the same commitment to our studio families as we do to our dancers.  The success of each dancer is a result of great teamwork between the dance studio and our dance studio families.

Oklahoma Dance Academy values the Tulsa Community and we support many fundraising efforts sponsored through our locality.  It is through community service that we can teach (and learn) the value of human kindness.  This is a generation of dancers that can step up and make a change in human kindness and create positive attitudes for our future.  These are the values Oklahoma Dance Academy strives to promote with each of our dancers.  It’s more than just dance…

Our instructors are highly trained, educated and certified. You have the choice of more than one instructor to fit your child’s personality and learning style. The energetic and friendly instructors have extensive teaching and performing experience. Our instructors attend seminars and conventions to keep up to date on the newest moves and music, motivational skills and teaching techniques.


Our Mission

We are dedicated to passionately empower, and motivate people through dance to achieve their greatest potential so that they can win in life.  It is the mission of to nurture the art of Dance in the hearts, minds, and bodies of every student, while promoting discipline, respect, integrity, and an exceptional work ethic.  Through these elements of character, it is our goal to enable every student to unlock and explore their greatest potential, and to experience a true love of dance.

About Us

We know you have choices. We offer a balance of education, loving environment, and the joy of dancing! Your child is important to and we value the quality dance instruction we provide! Oklahoma Dance Academy is proud of their 3 studio facility, professional raised floors with a Marley coating to limit the degree of impact to the joints. Equally, if not the most important element to a great dance studio, is the teaching staff! We are educated in the art of dance and the love of teaching. Come see for yourself! Come see why so many parents choose Oklahoma Dance Academy!

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