Testimonial #5

Nobody has yet to compare! My daughter has been taught by Ms. Holly for 5 years and we couldn’t ask for a better Instructor! She is kind, patient and encouraging in addition to being a very knowledgeable about dance. Her creativity and inspiration makes my daughter want to be a better dancer. -Keri L.

Testimonial #4

An amazing instructor who goes above and beyond for her students.  My daughter has been dancing for 3 years and it has been amazing to see how her confidence has grown.  My daughter now believes in herself and has developed her own passion for dance.  We feel blessed to have found someone who not only has love for dance, but also for her students. -Tracie B.

Testimonial #3

My daughter has learned so much and can’t wait to go to dance every week.  Their passion for dance shows in their teaching.  Not only are they patient, encouraging, and loving but they are a friend to her.  We couldn’t imagine dance without them. -Tara B.

Testimonial #2

My daughter has studied dance in a group setting as well as privately.  She has greatly improved in all aspects of ballet, grace, poise, positions as well as “getting ahead” in her private lessons to ready her self for pointe.  They keep the students attention, keep class fun, and maximize their time with the students to the fullest! -Tara S.

Testimonial #1

I am always so excited to come to dance class when you are teaching because I know that we get to talk about something interesting, and I always learn something new! I admire you because you are such a pretty person and you are such a pretty dancer too. I see you as a role model, and a very good friend. -Sydney (Student)

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Testimonial #3

My daughter has learned so much and can’t wait to go to… Read More…

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